The Best Rated Outdoor Speakers

The speakers that are for the outdoors would be the best ones as they are wireless and portable. The following are the best rated outdoor speakers that you can check out.

The best-rated outdoor speakers

1. Polk Audio Atrium 4

The reason why this set up is quite surprising is because of a few features that are genuinely rocking, and they include:

• Acoustic design

• 5-year warranty

• Easy to mount and set up

• Requirement of dynamic driver

• Good and attractive design

2. Klipsch AW 650 outdoor speakers

The best speakers that are apt for outdoors can offer you a good option. So, check out Klipsch and the features it has:

• Easy to mount outdoors

• AW 650 speakers

• 5-year warranty

• 6.5-inch woofer

• 1-inch titanium dome tweeter

• Best quality sound

3. Yamaha NS-AW 150 outdoor speakers

As a brand for speakers, Yamaha is the best one, and the specs that it portrays are amazing:

• Good audio experience

• Easy installation

• Brackets available for mounting

• Good audio experience

• Best sound quality

4. Bose 250 Environmental outdoor speakers

Looking for the best outdoor speaker plan? Check out how this one is and find the best solution.

• Good sound solutions

• Black and white colors available

• Full range drivers

• Best quality audio

• 2.5-inch tweeter

5. Sonos outdoor speakers

Good in sound and incredible in performance, Sonos speakers are the best ones and give you the best features:

• Good design

• Powerful sound

• Best quality performance

• 6.5-inch woofer

• 1-inch tweeter

• Easy to set up

6. JBL Boombox 2 Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

With JBL Boom box, the list of features include:

• Water resistance

• Good sound quality

• Massive woofers

• Tweeters available

• The battery is of excellent quality

• Best outdoor speaker

7. Bose Freespace 51

If you like the different design and the best performance outdoor speakers, these are the features you can check:

• Great design you can vouch for

• Best performance

• 4.5-inch full-range driver

• Best blended sound

• 5- year warranty

• Best as rain resistant and snow resistant

8. Sonos Move Smart Outdoor Speaker

Sonos Move Smart has the best features and hence go through the same:

• Works with Alexa

• works with Google Assistant

• Can be controlled with voice command

• Easy to set up

• Wireless

• Good battery life

• USB cable can be used

9. JBL Control X Outdoor Speaker

JBL outdoor speaker has the best feel as it has such good features:

• Great style

• Good sound delivery

• Perfect integration

• 5.25-inch woofer

• 1-inch tweeter

• Black or white colors available

10. Klipsch AWR 650

If you like the products from Klipsch brand, then you will also like this outdoor speaker. It is one of the best options. The features are:

• It looks like a rock, but awesome

• It gets perfect with all landscapes

• Dual coil woofer

• 0.75-inch tweeter

• Limited lifetime warranty available

• Two amazing shades

With the above choices, it will become easy for you to choose a good outdoor speaker. Having one in your lawn or your backyard can help you arrange a little party whenever you want for your friends and family members.

You can several options, but these are the best ones, and they can get you on the perfect track. When the best things are available at best rates, the above speakers are available at affordable prices. You can make the final selection and enjoy the party just on your lawn.

When you buy good outdoor speakers, your primary considerations are:

• Good quality

• Affordable rates

• Easy to set up

• Easy to maintain

• Good components

• Advanced features

The above options fulfill these conditions, and hence they are undoubtedly the best ones.…

Best Alternate of Scrabble Games to Play

Scrabble word finder is one of the classic, fun board games. But it isn’t the only fish in the sea; if you dive deep enough, you will come across several other similar games that can also be fun and entertaining. These Scrabble alternatives vary slightly from the rules but still are as enjoyable as the original. Now let’s check out what are some of the best alternatives for scrabble.


Anagrab is a word game that can be played using scrabble tiles. The name itself is a combination of the words ‘anagram’ and ‘grab.’ All the letter tiles, at the beginning of the game, are placed upside down and are turned over one at a time. But, unlike scrabble, there is no concept of “turns.” Instead, the players have to call out a legitimate word of at least four letters. The words used must originate from the pool of letters, or it can be made by adding at least one letter to an already present word. If the new word is legitimate, the participant who uttered the word first gets to take the letter tiles and places them in front of him or her.

When forming a new word, the foundation of the existing word must be changed. For example, you can’t add D and the end of USE to make it USED. All the alphabets in the existing word should be included, along with an additional one. As soon as the new letter is made, the first person to say a valid word can use the tiles. If two people say a word at the same time, the longer word gets the chance. If the two words are of the same length, then those word(s) are not used for the rest of the game.


Clabbers is one of the prominent alternatives of scrabble. The rules are pretty much similar to scrabble except for one: words used must be anagrams of real words. In this way, players get a lot of leeway for strategic tile placement for maximising score. It has the ‘double challenge’ rule, which means that players can do any poker-like bluffing by challenging the opponent to reveal the “real” word that the anagram makes.

Take Two:

Take Two– also known as Speed Scrabble or Bananagrams– is a scrabble variant that you can play without the board. The tiles used are placed face-down, and seven face-up starting tiles are given to the payers to make their own valid Scrabble grid. When a player successfully utilizes each of their face-up tiles, they must shout “take two,” and every other player has to take two more tiles. Once all the tiles have been taken, the person who uses all of his or her tiles to complete the puzzle is declared as the winner.

Scrabble Slam!:

It may share its name with Scrabble but Scrabble Slam! follows rules that are not all that similar to Scrabble. It uses cards instead of traditional tiles. Players throw down a letter card to alternate a four-letter word to a different four-letter word. This is done by placing the card on top of one of the four piles of cards that are used to form words. So if the word shown is GAME, you can put the F on the G to make it FAME, and the next player could put a Z on the M to make the word GAZE and so on.


Anagrams–alternatively called Snatch or Snatch-words–is a fast paced Scrabble-like game. It’s played without a board and is not turn based, unlike Scrabble. It is similar to Scrabble in that all tiles are kept face-down, and each player must flip a tile in the clear view of all players. Anagrams don’t have any “turns.” Any player, when coming across a valid word, can call it out, take the letters, and put the tiles in front of them. You must make a word using a minimum of 3 letters from the pool of remaining tiles, or you can add letters to an existing word on the table that’s either of your own or of your opponents.

Super Scrabble:

Introduced in 2004 and now available in two languages (English and German), Super Scrabble is a board game that’s a variant of Scrabble. It is played using a 21×21 grid board instead of 15×15 like in Scrabble, with twice as many letter tiles. One of the major differences from Scrabble is the inclusion of a higher value premium space like Quadruple Word Scores and Quadruple Letter Scores. The distributions of tiles are different too– as Super Scrabble has 150% more “S” tile than Scrabble.

Wild Words:

Wild Words has the same size board and a very similar scoring system as Scrabble. It differs from scrabble due to the inclusion of twelve wild tiles marked with an asterisk that represent one letter or any series of letters, and special board squares that converts a regular letter tile into a wild tile.

These changes shift the focus of the game from playing short words to playing words of any length. A player who aims to win must find a 7-tile-bonus-plays majority of the time. The short odd words that are very prominently used in Scrabble are of little use in Wild Words.


Scrabble is a great way to spend your time, but one can switch it up every so often and try some of the more popular scrabble variants. These games were created with Scrabble as their inspiration, but with variations, some more than the other. For Scrabble enthusiasts, using an alternative game can keep it fresh and exciting.…

Nach Baliye Season 7 Winners

Nach Baliye is an Indian celebrity couple dance reality television series that airs on Star Plus channel of Star Networks. It is created by Sanvari Alagh Nair, Fazila Allana, and Kamna Menezes in the direction of Deepak Ghaatani (Season 1 to 2), Ashim Sen (Season 5 to 6), and Arun Sheshkumar (Season 4 and 7 to 8). Season 7 premiered on 26 April 2015 on Star Plus Channel.

Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor produced the series under their banner named Balaji Telefilms. Starting from 26 April 2015 and ended on 19 July 2015. Karan Patel and Ritvik Dhanjani hosted the show. While Chetan Bhagat, Preity Zinta, and Marzi Pestonji were on judging panels.

Contestants Of Nach Baliye Season 7?

  • Himanshu Malhotra and Amruta Khanvilkar
  • Nandish Sandhu and Rashmi Desai
  • Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna
  • Mayuresh Wadkar and Ajisha Shah
  • Deepesh Sharma and Sana Saeed
  • Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja
  • Parag Tyagi and Shefali Zariwala
  • Sharad Tripathi and Mrunal Thakur
  • Sangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi
  • Arpit Ranka and Nidhi Ranka
  • Jay Soni and Pooja Soni
  • Shakti Arora and Neha Saxena
  • Vineet Bhangra and Smiley Suri

These thirteen couples had dance battles eliminated according to their score on the scoreboard. Every week one elimination took place, and the number of contestants decreased by time the finals came. Using their dance skills and incredible chemistry Himanshu Malhotra and Amruta Khanvilkar won the Winner title while Nandish Sandhu and Rashmi Desai were at the post of first by Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna as second runner ups.

When was the Grand Finale of Nach Baliye 7?

On 19 July 2015, Himanshu Malhotra and Amruta Khanvikar were declared as winners of Nach Baliye 7. Amruta has been a passionate dancer, but Himanshu Malhotra had to work hard on his skills to reach finals and become the winner. They outshined other performers and won the title.

The performance was judged by Preity Zinta, Marzi Pestonji, and Chetan Bhagat. It was the most successful season of the Nach Baliye show, and there was a fun twist because of the incredible hosting of Rithvik Dhanjani and Karan Patel. The hosts were able to keep the viewers engaged in the show with their comedy twist and flirtatious nature with Preity Zinta in between. Both of them are beautifully able to manage the Comedy and Dance ratio in the show.

How was the Finale performance of Himanshu Malhotra and Amruta Khanvikar?

Himanshu Malhotra and Amruta Khanvikar, with their power pack performance and incredible dance skills, were able to impress Preity Zinta, Marzi Pestonji, and Chetan Bhagat the judging panel. All the finalists showed full zeal and zest, but the winning Jodi can be only one. Based on the scores they have got on their performance, they were able to make it to finals and then win the season. They entered in the Audience’s hearts with their mushy love and perfect dance moves.

What the couple has to say to the Audience?

The couple beautifully presented themselves as a picture-perfect couple, every time they stepped on the dance floor. Expressing their love and joy after winning a cash prize of 30 Lakh and a Honda Jazz car, Amruta Khanvilkar said, “we were underdogs when we started, not many people knew us, but Nach Baliye gave us whatever we have today.”

She thanked everyone from her dress designer to the manager for being supportive throughout their Nach Baliye Journey. While Himanshu Malhotra said, “The show allowed us to discover ourselves and each other. I would not say that we were not close before because that would be a lie since we are together for 11 years. But we have reached a whole new stage in life, and I think that is phenomenal.”…

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Review

It was a heart-warming movie depicting love between two opposite personalities who met and became fond of each other. On one side, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, aka Pawan Kumar a devotee of Lord Hanuman who strictly follows Hinduism and rules made by elders like he can’t go to Masjid, Can’t eat non-veg food items, etc. But a turning point came to his life when a 6-year-old mute girl stepped in his life. Munni, aka Shahida, was a Pakistani girl separated from her mother during their visit to Delhi, India.

When her mother realized that Munni got separated from her, it was too late as she had already crossed the border and had to formalities again for another visit. On occasion, she accidentally met Bajrangi and followed him wherever he went. He tried to find Munni’s parents around but sadly failed and hence took her to his home where he was staying with his fiance and father in law.

As Time passed, he realized that Munni is a Muslim Girl from Pakistan. He took all his savings and went to travel agency agents so that they could help to send her home. But due to some heart-wrenching experiences, Bajrangi Bhaijaan decided to take her home himself as he could not trust anyone regarding her security. The incredible acting skills of Harshali brought the movie at peak while Salman Khan played the role of Pawan Kumar Magnificently.

As the movie progresses, Pawan Kumar starts joining the dots using Munni’s hints and succeeds in finding out the place where she lives. But that is not how the story ends. On Munni’s Journey back to the home, they met several characters who helped them to reach their destination. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, as Chand Nawab, a Pakistani News Reporter, steals the show with his incredible acting skills. Chand Nawab helped Bajrangi Bhaijaan throughout his journey to Munni’s Place.

The movie is full of twists and turns as there were many moments when Bajrangi Bhaijann was struck in Situations from which it was nearly impossible to come out. But somehow, he managed to tackle the problems and was able to take Shahida to her place. The movie ends perfectly at the India-Pakistan Border while Shahida and Bajrangi Bhaijaan were in tears of happiness.

The movie offers an incredible storyline and direction. All the songs are so catchy that you will not be able to get over them. The hidden lesson behind the story is incredible. Humanity is the most prominent religion. While laid-back humor, crackling dialogues, and heartfelt performance of all the characters will not disappoint you. The story and screenplay are awe-inspiring.

The movie was released on 17 July 2015. This movie is made in the direction of Kabir Khan with a 90 Crore budget, and the film was produced by Salman Khan, Rockline Venkatesh, and Kabir Khan.

Written by – Kabir Khan (dialogues) and Kausar Munir (additional conversations)

Screenplay by – Kabir Khan, Parveez Sheikh, and K.V. Vijayendra Prasad

Running Time – 159 minutes.

Box Office earning – 969 Crore

Why should you watch this movie?

  • One of the best storyline of the decade in Bollywood
  • Acting skills of all the characters will make you speechless and awe stunned with their talent.
  • You can find soulful songs in the movie from party songs to romantic ones.
  • The movie will blow your mind as it is highly entertaining and engaging. It is a movie that you can watch with literally anyone like your family, friends, siblings, cousins, kids, and partner.
  • If you feel like to cheer up your mood and want to watch a good movie for that, then this is it.
  • It is the movie you are looking for brightening your day and mood. Even if you are not a fan of any movie actors, you should still watch it as their acting skills and storyline will catch your attention.