Badminton Racket Maintenance

Badminton is a game, having high popularity in different age groups. But sometimes it makes us feel terrible when the rackets do not last too long. But if you are going to take proper care of them, then there are very fewer chances of them being broken. Therefore, you would not have to change the strings in short periods.

Points to be kept in mind to avoid Racket breakage.

1. Avoid high string tension – One of the main reasons behind string breakage. High string tension happens when one ties strings too tightly. If you are a new or intermediate-level player, you should prefer low string tension rackets (because they are composed to last longer and are less vulnerable to cracking or breakage) as high string tension can lead to shoulder injuries not appropriately used.

2. Avoid string breakage – Strings are subject to wear and tear. Hence they can break while playing. Therefore it is essential that how you take care of your rackets. The proper way of handling is to keep rackets covered while they are not in use, avoid sliding badminton on the ground, etc.

But if your strings still break after a particular period due to excessive use, do not buy a new pair of rackets instead of getting the old one repair and saving money. Do check best badminton under 5000.

3. Replace the grip – Rackets are available with a grip pasted over the wooden base, which lasts for five to six weeks, depending on the usage of rackets. Without the proper grip, your badminton can fall on a hard surface, and there come high chances of string breakage. Therefore, you should change your racket’s grip within a period to have a better experience and avoid injuries that can occur due to the hard wooden base of your badminton.

4. Avoid clashing – It happens, while you are playing badminton in doubles. In the flow of the game, most of the time, it happens that to save the rackets clash. It depends upon the intensity or force, that how much damage it is going to create.

If the clash is intense, then there are high chances that either string is going to break or the frame will fall. In low intensity, it would not create many effects but definitely can change string tension, which can lead to future troubles in gameplays. Therefore, you should try to avoid clashes.

5. Avoid snapped string situation – It frequently happens that people tie them at random places whenever one or two string breaks, which can disturb the game flow. If any incident like this occurs, then you should repair it as soon as possible to avoid further damage and uneven tension of the racket.

6. Proper storage – For the best care of your rackets, you should keep them in padded covers, and avoid keeping unwanted pressure over them as it can affect its flexibility, strength, shape, and tension.

7. Corrosion – It is one of the main reasons to change the game flow. To prevent Corrosion, you should apply a fresh coat when the paint has begun to chip. One of the significant reasons behind Corrosion is improper storage, like leaving rackets at a moist place where it can get easily oxidized. Therefore, it becomes essential to keep them at a dry home or in waterproof cases while not in use.

8. Avoid Sun Exposure – We should avoid Racket’s direct contact with sunlight as it can reduce its durability, flexibility, and strength. It happens because sun exposure leads to Ultraviolet rays attack, and mostly rackets material is not UV – stable, which leads to its degradation.

9. Avoid Racket rubbing on the ground – Most of the time, we try to save a falling shuttle, which can lead to rubbing of racket on the ground. Maybe we succeed in saving the shot, but it can lead to Racket malfunction like string breakage, frame breakage, or its body shape can get affected. Therefore, we should avoid saving the shot to save money, which you will need to fix the defects.

10. Choose right string – Whenever string breakage occurs, you must choose the correct line for your racket. In the market, different types of chains are available at variable prices. The load-bearing ability of a string tells about how powerful a series is.

The three most common types of strings are – Monofilament, Multifilament, and Microfilament. Monofilament strings are stiff and must not be preferred if you are new to the game, as these strings are provided with high control. Multifilament lines are more flexible and should be preferred if you are an intermediate player. Last is Microfilaments, which offer reduced air resistance, stretch well, and are slim.

Buying a good quality racket and spending a considerable amount in the first place is not enough as you have to take good care of them to enhance their durability. To have a good gaming experience, one should follow the instructions mentioned above and obey the basic gaming rules.…