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Studio Monitors are one of the most wanted instruments for one’s house that provides with good sound quality and are very expensive. Studio Monitors are great but people spend a lot of money, more than required for Studio Monitors. People also spend a lot of time to track a good Studio Monitor with good sound quality. Studio Monitors can definitely be less pleasant speaking because they usually produce the same voice that they get from the audio. A Studio Monitor is the best kind of gift for the music lovers and for your loved once. You don’t need to worry if you can’t find a suitable monitor and therefore we are here to help you. We know it can be stressful to decide your favourite and what can be more useful for your home and your friends so we got a sorted list for you that might take all your troubles away and help you to choose the Best Studio Monitors.

KRK Rokit 5 G3

When anyone browses for the first time the image of these speakers emerges on the internet the first. The reason for them to be so popular is that because these are highly recommended by a lot of people and has amazing sound quality more than that it is pocket friendly as well. It is for Rs.27,999 on Amazon and can get cheaper during sale times. Usually a good Studio Monitor is expensive than this and a studio monitor of this price does not have such a great sound quality. Therefore it is the best for a beginner studio. This is one of the most praised Studio Monitor and is praised enough. It is not only one affordable but also has unique looks. The yellow colour of the speakers compliments the black body of the speakers.

cheap studio monitors - krk rokit 5

Yamaha HS8

Yamaha HS8 is a little on the pricier side and has a fantastic sound quality. This Studio Monitor is considered to be good because it has some advanced technology that makes it better for the users and musicians. It is known for decreasing the vibrations while producing sound as it increased the quality of sound and makes it much more pure than the other speakers that include vibrations, not only that it also includes some really big and large magnets to increase the efficiency of over a wide range of frequency. The price of this specific studio monitor on amazon is Rs.50,200.

Yamaha HS8

Event 20/20 BAS

It is the new version of the old 20/20 BAS which was released back in 1995. This old design was improvised because of the emergence of many new technologies and new looks for the model. It is better than the old model for a number of reasons like better battery life with 50% less of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). It is more suited for small rooms in home as well as the studio because of it’s front bass port. It also has a 250 W power which is extremely impressive due to the large size of the monitor. For a monitor of such technology is worth whatever price because it has everything of extreme value and great reviews.

Event 2020 BAS

Focal Twin6 Be

This studio monitor is the one which needs to be bought only for the professionals. It is on the high end size monitors. It is extremely pricey but has great quality. The best thing about this monitor is the design, it is definitely unique and makes it really eye catchy for the buyers. It has a large driver for the bass and one a small one in the middle. It is definitely most wanted monitor. The only drawback of these monitor is that they are extremely expensive because of their design and ultimate amazing sound quality which can make people a little confused about buying the studio monitor but if you can afford it then it is definitely one of the best for the studios.

Focal Twin6 Be - best studio monitors

Avantone Mix Cubes

A usual problem that is faced in the studio is the mix of sounds and may translate the sound of the speakers with other sounds as well to fix this problem Auratone company, made sure this problem was fixed by inventing Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube in 1958. The 5C Cube gained a lot of popularity for a lot of years but to improve the technology and design the creation of Avantone Mix Cubes took place and just like 5C Super sound Cube became the new classy studio monitor and set a high standard for many other Studio Monitors. Out of all the others Studio Monitors that exists on the list I highly recommend the Avantone Mix Cubes because of its design and its user friendliness and not only that it is amazingly travel friendly as well. It is very light weight as well and is on the expensive side and is again one of the best for the Studio as well home monitor.

Avantone Mix Cubes

The best way to choose a Studio Monitor is by looking at the Layout, Price, Design , Size and Listening Distance. If there’s a certain kind of Studio Monitor that matches all these criteria of yours and you think are perfect for your studio without any further confrontations go for it. The best way is to not engage in any kind of talking and asking for people’s opinion and make sure there has been amazing reviews on the internet about the product.

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