The 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2019 – Ranked in Order


So before starting, I want to ask you a question. How big is your house? Do you own a small and regular flat or a medium sized 4 BHK? Or is your house a large mansion? Leave it. The base of asking you this question is something else.

So regardless of any kind and size of house you own, you know that you will have to clean your house. There is no truth in the fact that large houses and mansions clean themselves up regularly! And this clean up load increases when it is summer. The thing that you need here is a Vacuum Cleaner. A Vacuum Cleaner is basically one kind of technical invention which has hunger for dirt and garbage and can digest any kind of garbage from any corner of your house at anytime! Just kidding!

Vacuum cleaners have helped the housewives a lot in cleaning up the houses – these can very well reach any corner of the house and suck the dirty stuffs away. Again the question arises – what type of a vac should you buy? With a large number of options like cordless, corded, wet, dry, stick, hand-held, robot etc. available, it becomes a really tough question to answer.

But do not worry. Here is a list of the five best vacuum cleaners of 2019 as claimed by the users themselves –

1. Dyson V11 Absolute



  • Power – 28AW-185AW
  • Power boost – Yes
  • Max run time – About 20-60 mins depending upon usage
  • Weight – 2.97kg


  • Comes in the form of a high quality corded vac
  • More powerful, longer battery and larger bin as compared to others


  • Bulky and heavy weight
  • Expensive

The Dyson V11 Absolute is the best corded vac that Dyson has to offer and it is a step ahead of its brother V8. If your house is not as enormous as the Eiffel Tower, then this one is the best pick for you. And when it is kept plugged in, it has literally a never run-out-of battery backup. And not just that, the V11 also offers the best suction that you need to wipe your house clean.

There are somewhat three types of settings you get – Boost mode cleans for about 15 mins, the middle-ranged Auto mode lasts 25-30 mins long and automatically adjusts to the kind of floor you are cleaning and finally the Eco mode is designed for rough and hard floors and lasts as long as an hour. And it has a large bin of 0.76 ltrs and can be emptied easily.

Price – Rs. 52,900

2. Miele Complete C3 Powerline



  • Power – 1200W
  • Operating Radius – 12m
  • Weight – 5.4kg


  • Complete Versatility
  • Large power cord
  • Massive power


  • Not so much eco-friendly

If you are one of those who love style more than product, then I regret to say it is not for you. It is a staid looking vac and still promises to offer much of the cleaning you want.

It is lighter than the Dyson counter parts and has a longer cable. The one problem you may find is the speed of cleaning due to its small casters. It has a variety of speed settings and heads, which also include the swiveling hard floor head and the turbo floor brush. The foot controls and integrated tool storage make it a lot versatile and easy to use.

Price – Rs. 31,489

3. Vorwerk VK200



  • Power – 700W
  • Operating radius – 10m
  • Weight – 3kg


  • Provides quality cleaning for hard floors and carpets
  • Has a head for almost every cleaning task you have
  • Head is brilliant in cleaning/mopping hard floors
  • Cool and premium looks


  • Expensive

The Vorwerk VK200 is designed for those who call themselves cleaning freaks, i.e. they are too much serious about cleaning as compared to others. You might feel annoyed after looking at the 700W power and 10m operating range, but believe me it is one of the best vacs you can use.

The vacuum head of the cleaner automatically detects the floor – whether it is a hard floor or soft one or a carpet – and adjusts itself in the flash of a second. After detecting the floor, it adjusts its suction and the mechanized spinning brush accordingly and cleans the area neat. At first sight, this may seem something common and unnecessary, but you are not going to find a vac which adjusts according to the floor in a flash and then cleans it. And added is the look it has. It looks like those fiery Alien Tech guns from the classic Hollywood movies and is sure to impress all those who look at it!

Price – Rs. 43,600

4. Dyson Light ball multi-floor



  • Power – 90AW
  • Operating radius – 9.4m
  • Weight – 6.9kg


  • Light-weight and easy to operate
  • Silent and economical
  • Useful suction tube and attachments


  • May explode on overuse!

This one is one of the affordable vacs that Dyson has to offer – all others are a pressure on economy! – and is an excellent blend of decent cleaning and style. It accomplishes its main job of cleaning very well and is somewhat one of the best upright cordless vacuum cleaners.

The noticeable fact is that it has a single button which swaps you from the hard floor mode to the regular mode to the carpet mode and the suction tube easily cleans the stairs, crevices and the other mysterious surfaces! It is lightweight, is quiet and is energy efficient as well. So it is best for those who have carpets in the houses more than floors!

Price – Rs. 65,430

5. Vax Blade 2 Max



  • Power – 40V
  • Operating radius – Infinite!
  • Weight – 3.1kg


  • Excellent floor and carpet cleaning
  • Very Cheap
  • Easy emptying of bin
  • High battery life


  • Not so easily handheld
  • Extreme noisy

The Vax Blade 2 is a nicely designed cordless vac which is a lot cheaper than any other cordless vac in the market. So you get a lot of saving as well as an awesome and handy vac in a cheap rate.

In a low price, the Blade 2 provides a lot of features, mainly highlighted by its long battery life and infinite cleaning range. And to be honest, the Blade 2 slightly outperforms the Dyson V8 and V10 in cleaning carpets and hard floors. It also contains a headlight which automatically turns on when you are cleaning a dimly lit area. It has a bin capacity of 0.6 ltrs and is easy to empty as well. The one problem that you may face is its sound. Due its powerful motor system, it produces slightly high and noisy sound while cleaning. So be careful not to clean your house with this while your children are sleeping around!

Price – Rs. 28,900