RESULTS: Unfinished Business 2013, Ashford, Kent

Date: Saturday, 2nd February 2013
Location: The Stour Centre, Ashford, Kent
MC: 'Hardcore' John Atkins
Referees: Chris Roberts & Chris Hatch 

Matches from "IPW:UK Unfinished Business 2013"

  • 1 - Tag Team Match: The Wild Cats (Lion Kid/Dark Panther) defeated The Lords of the Ring (Chamberlain/Windsor) via pinfall.
  • 2 - Skinny Boy Challenge: 'Irresistible' Iestyn Rees defeated Kid Louis via knockout.
  • After the bout, Joel Masters once again answered Rees' Open Challenge, but Rees said that Masters needed to 'win some matches' before being 'in his league'.
  • 3 - International Triple Threat: 'The Shooting Star' Paul Robinson defeated Mark Haskins & Paul London via pinfall
  • 4 - Singles Match: Joel Masters destroyed The Mexican Eagle via pinfall after a Chokeslam & a TKO
  • 5 - British National Championship First Round: 'Mr. IPW' Ashley Reed defeated Terry Frazier by pinfall to advance to the second round.
  • 6 - Main Event; Tag Team Weapons Match: The London Riots (Davis/Lynch) defeated The Bhangra Knights (Singh/Allen) via pinfall in a crazy match using everything at their disposal!

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