RESULTS: Future #8, Swanley, Kent

Date: Sunday, 17th February 2013
Location: White Oak Leisure Center, Swanley, Kent
MC: Dan Edler
Referees: Chris Hatch & Tom Scarborough

Matches from "IPW:UK Future #8"

  • 1 - British National Championship First Round: Dan Head upset James Davis via pinfall to advance to the second round.
  • 2 - Inter-Gender Singles Match: Sakura Lily defeated The Warden via pinfall.
  • 3 - 8-Man Tag Team Match: Team ZSJ (Sabre Jr, Whizz Kids & Andras) defeated Team Reed (Reed, Barrington, EOE & Lynch) via pinfall, Lawrence on Barrington.
  • 4 - Tag Team Match: The Firm (Samuels/Ryker) defeated Allen/Baig via pinfall, Ryker on Baig.
  • 5 - International Singles Match: Jonathan Gresham defeated 'Earl' Jonathan Windsor via pinfall.
  • 6 - Over The Top Rope Elimination Battle Royal won by Lance Lawrence of The Whizz Kids!

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