Joel Redman
6 2
240 lbs
Signature Moves:
Twisting Brainbuster, Kneebar

Joel Redman Biography

Joel Redman came into IPW:UK with the inception of the team brought together by Gilligan Gordon known as The Thrillers. The original powerhouse of the unit that also often included his training partner Mark Haskins, as well as Ricky Hype and Iestyn Rees, his impressive size was matched by the unique speed a man of his build posessed, making him a very intimidating prospect.

Following firmly under the guidance of the evil Gilligan Gordon, Redman won British Tag Title gold as he and partner Haskins defeated the seemingly unstoppable pairing of The Kartel. With this victory, and others by Rees and Haskins in singles competition, The Thrillers were on top and held allmost every active title in IPW:UK at the time.

Things began to fall apart however, when IPW:UK made its new regular home the Wyvern Halls in Sittingbourne. Redman will not be proud of his record in that building, recording only one victory and several losses along the way before he was sensationally dumped from The Thrillers by Gordon on June 6th 2010 and replaced by the returning James Tighe. With the Sittingbourne faithful beginning to warm to 'The Physical Specimen', former mentor and manager 'Gentleman' Gilligan had seen enough, and blamed Redman's recent losing form on his inability to carry out the evil instructions he was being given.

After losing his final IPW:UK singles bout to former tag partner 'The Star Attraction' Mark Haskins at Revolution in April 2012, Redman signed with the WWE and flew to Florida to begin his American adventure.

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