Rockstar Spud
Rock City, Birmingham
5 3
133 lbs
Signature Moves:
Rockstar Stunner.

Rockstar Spud Biography

Arrogant. Conceited. Egotistical. None of these words can quite describe the demeanour of the ‘Rockstar’ Spud, a man who loves himself above all others and genuinely believes he is a huge rock star.

 A former fan favourite in IPW:UK and former British Cruiserweight and British Tag Team Champion, Spud returned to the promotion in 2010 after a year long hiatus with a new attitude that would soon lead him to success. With his new found swagger, ‘Rockstar’ Spud acted exactly how you imagine a rock star would. He was rude to IPW:UK management, he ignored fans and he swore and gestured and anyone he saw. Plain and simply, ‘Rockstar Spud’ became one of the most hated men in IPW:UK.

Now flying the flag for Britain in America, Spud is showing North America a taste of The Rockstar!

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