Sha Samuels
East End of London
6 1
240 lbs
Signature Moves:
Piledriver, Spinebuster, Pedigree, Winning Combination (tag)

Sha Samuels images

Sha Samuels Biography

The East-End hard man is another IPW:UK original, having been with the promotion since its inception.  As one half of The Kartel alongside his best friend Terry Frazier, Samuels enjoyed huge success in the tag team ranks as The Kartel, dominating that division for many years.

 With a rugged, hard hitting style, Sha Samuels was the perfect partner to Frazier’s faster, high flying style and this perfect partnership led The Kartel to the British Tag Team Championships.

With Frazier long gone, Samuels made himself a star in the singles division and holds the record for the longest reign as IPW:UK World Champion, whilst also being the man who held the World and All-England titles at the SAME time!

But will he be remembered most for "the ball pit" in Brixton, 2016?  

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