Terry Frazier
East End of London
6 2
215 lbs
Signature Moves:
Rock Bottom. Flying Double Knee Attack.

Terry Frazier Biography

For nearly 7 years, Terry Frazier has called IPW:UK his home. As one of the original IPW:UK roster, the man known as the “ Mean Machine “ has seen and done it all in IPW:UK.

Alongside his friend and tag team partner, Sha Samuels, Frazier has had great success here in IPW:UK. Known as The Kartel, Samuels and Frazier were without a doubt the most dominant team in Europe and held championships wherever they competed. The Kartel  were originally hated by the fans for their nasty demeanour and constant claims of being “ winners! “  However, over time they became beloved as the hard hitting yet cheeky Londoners that they really were.

In 2008, Terry Frazier tasted his first singles success when he won the gigantic 64 man British National Championship Tournament by defeating Johnny Kidd, Joel Redman, Mark Haskins, Zack Sabre Jr and finally, the monstrous Johnny Moss to win not only the tournament but the coveted All- England championship. Whilst Frazier was riding a career high, Sha Samuels was beginning to become jealous of his partners solo achievements although at the time he hid it well. In 2010, Samuels let his jealously boil over when he turned his back on his long-time friend, brutally attacking him and severing both the friendship and the partnership.

In 2011, Frazier and Samuels engaged in a series of brutal matches culminating in an I Quit match that ended the feud once and for all. Whilst Frazier was the man to utter those two words, it was Samuels who was left lying in the middle of the ring.

As Terry Frazier look to the future, he must surely be looking at the one title that has eluded him thus far in his career, the IPW:UK British Heavyweight Championship. Will Frazier resume his singles rise in 2011 and beyond? Will he have to go through hi former partner Sha Samuels in order to do it? Only time will tell for the Mean Machine.

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