Zack Sabre Jr
5 11
200 lbs
Signature Moves:
Armbar variations, See Ya Later (Double team)

Zack Sabre Jr Biography

Over the last 3 years, Zack Sabre Jr has become one of the most accomplished and beloved superstars in IPW:UK. Whether in singles competition or in tag team matches alongside his Leaders partner Marty Scurll, Sabre Jr has used his hard hitting and technical skills to great success.

The young man from the Isle of Sheppey is known in IPW:UK and throughout Europe as one of Britain’s finest and his reputation has spread to the USA and Japan.

Beginning his wrestling training with the Kent based Hammerlock promotion under the tutelage of Jon Ryan and the late Andre Baker, young Zack would begin to perfect his wrestling style which combines the hard hitting ruggedness of British wrestling’s glory days along with the strong style of wrestling seen in Japan.

Whilst Sabre was known to fans in IPW: UK, it wasn’t until he began to team with Marty Scurll as The Leaders of the New School that Zack really began to grab peoples attention. In 2009, The Leaders took part in a classic series of matches with the Thrillers team consisting of Mark Haskins and Joel Redman. These matches attracted fans from all over Europe and by the time the feud had ended, Sabre and Scurll had established themselves as the team to beat in European wrestling. Since that time, The Leaders have contested classic battles, defending their IPW Tag Team titles against numerous teams including The All Stars, Stixx and Malen, Pac and Mark Haskins and the team of El Generico and Paul London.

Whilst Scurll is the flashier of the two men, Sabre Jr has made his name with sound technical skills which include multiple arm bar variations and some of the most hard hitting strikes and kicks ever seen in professional wrestling. It’s this combination that has also led Sabre Jr to singles success in Europe and IPW:UK against the likes of Pro Wrestling Noah’s Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Sami Callihan and Chris Hero.

As he continued to improve in the ring, it was only a matter of time before Sabre Jr had conquered both the tag team and singles divisions here in IPW:UK!

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