Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Chennai

The land of Chennai is known for its seashores, temples, and other soulful experiences. But there are tales about paranormal activities happening around the city. Some places can change your beautiful experience into a horrible one. In India, paranormal activities hold deep roots. Everyone loves to listen to old ghost stories that give them thrills and chills. Here are some gut-wrenching, creepy, and scary locations in Chennai that are better left unvisited for goodness –

De Monte Colony

It is one of the scariest colonies in India. It gets located near St. Mary Road, this colony is filled with identical houses and was owned by John De Monte, a businessman back in the 19th century. There are rumors that John De Monte led a miserable and devastated life. His wife was mentally unstable, and they had a son. But this was not the ending.

One day their son died, which eventually lead to the death of the couple. Since then, there are rumors that the whole place got haunted. Locals say that they hear strange noises issuing from the colony. They also mentioned that they listened to the opening and closing of doors and saw mysterious shadows. Pet dogs or cats entering the province have gone missing inexplicably.

Broken Bridge of Besant Nagar

It is also known as the bridge to nowhere. It located in Chennai, South India. In 1977, the bridge collapsed due to the strong current of the river and had never got repaired. The broken bridge was made to help the fishermen in their livelihood. Now its been over 50 years and the bridge is still true to its name. After the collapsing event, locals complained that they had heard squeamish screams in the wee hours of the night. Dead bodies with no traces of accidents have gotten recovered near the bridge.

Blue Cross Road

This road seems safe during day time, but locals have jaw-dropping incidents of dawn time. With a School and Animal Welfare center, it is an unusual place for paranormal activities. There had been a large number of suicide incidents. People also complained of being tightly slapped on the face out of nowhere. There is a dense forest on the road’s sides, which makes this road even scarier in the dawn time.

Karikattu Kuppam

A hamlet on the seashore, inhabited by fishermen, has been a panic radar for years after the Tsunami hit Chennai in 2014. This location has been a death district due to the paranormal activities happening around this location. It is believed that the unfortunate and innocent victims of the accident are roaming in this place till date. Even if you would not come in contact with any ghost, your sixth sense can give you instincts of paranormal activities. People still find toys, clothes, and footwear floating around.

Madras Christian College

A college is a place for fun and exposure. But what if someone tells you that your college got haunted. It gets believed that the spirit of a rejected lover haunts Madras Christian College. There are tales that a young lad committed suicide because the girl he loved denied his proposal. He could not handle the rejection and committed suicide. After that incident, people complained to hear mysterious footsteps walking around, opening and shutting doors, Glass breaking events, etc. The students also complained about the opening of taps, clinging of utensils, and window crackling.

These were some popular locations of paranormal activities in the city of temples that is Chennai. You should never pay a visit to these places to have a trill. As accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, therefore, you should avoid such visits.

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