IPW:UK (International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom) were established in September 2004 in front of a small crowd of around 75 people, but right from the word go featured the top British wrestlers mixed with some of the finest from further afield.

Growing gradually, IPW:UK expanded to feature in an 11-part series on the now defunct Wrestling Channel on Sky Digital, each week providing some of the fastest-paced, hard-hitting action on the channel. With this in mind, IPW:UK has been viewed in well over 20 countries around most of the continents of the world.

Live shows have expanded across the country, originally starting out running shows in Orpington, Kent, once every two months, to now running an average of a show a week in new venues across Essex and other parts of Kent, before moving into running shows in multiple venues across Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Sussex and the North.

Featuring cutting edge talent such as current and former WWE Superstars Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, Drew McIntyre, Rhino, Al Snow, Scotty 2 Hotty, Ultimo Dragon, DH Smith and more; other big name stars such as WCW’s Vampiro, ECW’s Tracey Smothers, IPW:UK will continue to feature such big names. We have also featured some of the top Japanese talent, who regularly perform in front of crowds of 30,000-plus in their home nation, such as Takeshi Morishima and many more.

In mid-2007 IPW:UK were contacted by Endemol regarding working with Big Brother’s Little Brother and former Big Brother contestant Billi “Lightning” Bhatti. After successful training days, IPW:UK were featured heavily on the Big Brother’s Little Brother programme and have continued to work with Billi ever since, featuring him on several of our live events.

Catering for children’s parties almost every month, as well as pub evenings out and group outings for local sports teams and many more, IPW:UK have strong links to the local community and have been featured in several lead articles by local press.

IPW:UK also do “hired shows” in which other event promoters can hire an IPW:UK show cost-effectively to put on at their event, ensuring that they will get the best talent both from around Britain and internationally at their disposal. In addition, IPW:UK are always on the look out for new sponsors and offer competitive rates.

IPW:UK look forward to promoting shows in new venues across England in the coming 12 months, as well as continuing to establish ourselves as the number one form of professional wrestling in the UK that is looking to the future, not living in the past.