Rockstar Spud Forced To Vacate British Cruiserweight Championship


» The close of 2010 was just as disastrous to Rockstar Spud was as the beginning was successful. Succumbing to severe neck & shoulder injuries the British Cruserweight Champion Spud has not been seen competing in an IPW ring since The 6 Year Anniversary Show back in August.

We are however pleased to announce that The Rockstar will be making his return to IPW on Sunday May 15th, however it wonÂ’t be the triumphant return that Spud had hoped for. For the ruling has been made that due to a lengthy period of inactivity the British Cruserweight Championship that Spud has held since June 2010, will be vacated.

As you can imagine, The Rockstar, who has been cleared to compete is absolutely fuming at the decision insisting that he should be at least allowed the right to defend his gold against whomever management deems to be the top contender. But it would appear that IPW matchmakers patience with the Rockstar has run thin after his diva like strop at Make or Break, followed by his no-show at Brawl At The Hall due to the weather conditions being ‘too risky for someone of his standing’ amongst other things and they are holding strong on their stance that if Spud wishes to keep his spot on the roster, he WILL be in Sittingbourne on Sunday May 15th and he WILL publically hand back the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship to IPW management.

A ruling on the state of the cruiserweight championship will be made in the next week. With rumours circulating that there will be an exciting outcome this is a space that you will want to watch!

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