Another "Show 2!" Match Announced - 'Charming' Don Charles To Return



London Wrestling Promotions and International Pro Wrestling: UK (IPW:UK) sign contract

London Wrestling Promotions ( is proud to announce that it has signed a working relationship deal with International Professional Wrestling (

The IPW show on Sunday 21st November 2004, will host a LDN Wrestling guest match. Please stay tuned to both companyÂ’s websites for more information on this exciting deal! Furthermore, there will be IPW guest match at LDNÂ’s Showdown event which takes place on Friday 26th November 2004.

Team Charming in IPW:UK?

“Charming” Don Charles has promised that the next IPW:UK show will see the debut of Team Charming, not much info is known about this new group except for the first two members, with #1 being DonÂ’s current protégé in Jed Masters. The powerhouse from Gateshead will be teaming with another Newcastle regular, Assassin

Both men were seen at Extreme Measures eventually pitted against each other, in a the 4 way progression match alongside Jonny Storm and Tony Sefton, both men worked together well to take Tony Sefton out of the match and it was only a Jonny Storm chair shot that stopped one of these men getting to the finals against Super Dragon, “Charming” Don Charles has told us that he was impressed with the obvious potential teamworking between the two men and invited Assassin to join his new group almost instantly.

The Charming one has promised us that Team Charming will be making an impact right away at the next IPW:UK show and have issued a challenge to none other than Tony Sefton for November 21st. Don Charles feels Tony should be taught a lesson for his actions in the 4 way match last month where Tony gave Jed Masters a turnbuckle baseball slide with a steel chair!

Tony Sefton never one to back down from a challenge, has agreed to the match under the stipulation he is allowed to chose his partner himself. Though Tony is still quite young, he has a lot of friends in the business and it will interesting to see who he pulls out of his hat!

-- More information will be announced in press releases in the coming days, but more detailed updates will be posted regularly on the IPW:UK newsboard.

-- Tickets are now ON-SALE from the IPW:UK website. 40% of front row has been sold out, and within the coming few days the ringside benefits will be announced. Tickets range between £10-£20.

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