Independant Report/Review Of Extreme Measures

By Aaron Rosenthal

IPW:UK and Daniel Edler promoted their debut show this Saturday (25th September) in Orpington, which featured a tournament, an old school tag match and a 30-minute Iron Man main event. The result was a fun and entertaining show, with a mixture of old and new school and established and new wrestlers. I attended the event and hope IPW:UK go on to obtain great success (details of their next event are below). HereÂ’s my report of the proceedings:

IPW: UK Extreme Measures Report

After a delay of over half an hour, the 100 or so people who had gathered at Orpington Hall for IPW’s debut event were welcomed by the special MC for the night: ‘Classic’ Colt Cabana! The Ring of Honor star ‘treated’ us to a little of his stand-up comedy experiment before introducing us to the first match of the night (by the way, I found Colt funny, but I just did not get his ‘pee pee’ and ‘poo poo’ jokes – can anyone clue me in?):

Assassin vs. Shaun Avery (1st round Progressional Tournament)

These two had the unenvious task of opening the event in front of a waiting crowd. The guys did their best and Assassin in particular impressed (he certainly impressed Colt Cabana with his entrance music – You’re the Best by Joe Esposito from The Karate Kid!). Assassin pulled out a few uranage-type moves and won the match to progress to the next round.

‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters vs. Spud (1st round Progressional Tournament)

By now the crowd was warmed up and their involvement in their match was certainly helped by Masters’ charismatic pimp of a manager and his declaration he was not a ‘fat bastard’! The high-flying FWA sensation Spud was very popular and performed some impressive manoeuvres (including the night’s first ‘Holy Shit’/’Holy Spud’ moment, a Swanton from the turnbuckle to the outside), even if it does look like he’s wearing his pyjamas! The crowd were firmly behind the diminutive Spud but Masters’ manager and his cane meant a victory for Masters.

Darren Burridge Open Invitational

Darren Burridge vs. ‘Mr Snap Suplex’ Tony Sefton (1st round Progressional Tournament)

Essex boy Burridge came out to proclaim to the Kent fans the virtues of Essex and its women in a humorous segment and called out someone to face him. Orpington hometown hero Sefton answered his call and a match was underway. Burridge even took off his Burberry ring attire and gold chain, which caused a young fan to abuse him about his physique (BurridgeÂ’s response: come back when youÂ’ve grown some pubes!). Burridge dominated the encounter on the mat with Sefton making some well-timed comebacks until he managed to get the win. Burridge shook his hand after the encounter in a show of respect, but then gave Sefton a beating to the crowdÂ’s derision. Rematch in the future? Burridge even offered an elderly lady the opportunity to go back with him after the show with some overt gestures, but his indecent proposal was not reciprocated!

‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm vs. Rob Hunter (1st round Progressional Tournament)

The Wonderkid came out to a good reaction from the crowd (and Busted’s Year 3000) and was clearly the favourite in the fans’ eyes (even if he did say to Cabana he felt he had ‘no chance’!). Rob Hunter on the other hand was not so popular, if only due to his ridiculous ‘Flock of Seagulls’ haircut. There was also the weird distraction of the International Man of Mystery (obviously a masked man) at ringside. This was an ok little match, resulting in a victory for Storm.

‘Rowdy’ Ricky Knight and Stevie Knight vs. ‘Wildcat’ Robbie Brookside and ‘Classic’ Colt Cabana

Coming back from the intermission, Cabana’s announcing was interrupted by the ‘Knight brothers’, who did not make friends with the crowd. Cabana came prepared however, dressed in his ring attire under his blazer and jeans, and called out Brookside to help him in an impromptu tag match. A real old school encounter, the vocal Knights used all sorts of cheap tricks to get ahead but were eventually beaten by the popular tandem of Brookside and Cabana. A good match that really involved the crowd, it was good to see Ricky after the events concerning his son, the Zebra Kid.

Storm vs. Masters vs. Assassin vs. Sefton (Semi-Final Gauntlet Progressional Tournament)

The new MC informed us that the rules of this match were ‘there are no rules!’ but that did not explain if this was elimination or not. It wasn’t, which did not explain Masters’ and Assassin’s alternate pinfall attempts. Maybe they weren’t clear of the rules. Storm let the match early, after the IMOM interrupted. Storm chased him with a chair out of the hall and Sefton was left to deal with Masters and Assassin alone. After some chair shots, dissension between Assassin and Masters and a brilliant Asai moonsault to the outside from Sefton, Storm came back to take advantage of the chaos and cracked Assassin with a cheeky chair shot to go on to the final. A very good match that kept everyone guessing.

Jonny Storm vs. Super Dragon (30 minute Iron Fist Final Progressional Tournament)

The main event followed a short intermission, and it appeared this match also had no rules. Super Dragon had some vocal support as he came out in his regalia and it seemed the crowd were split 50/50 between the two combatants. This match featured some great mat wrestling exchanges that were appreciated as well as high-flying high-impact stuff. The near-falls were eaten up and both men put on quite the show. Dragon got the first fall with a stomp from the top rope, but this was equalised when Storm hit the Wonderwall slam. The match then went to the outside when Dragon dove onto Storm into the front row. Chairs went everywhere and I feared for the guysÂ’ lives (as well as mine!). Later, Storm swan-dived onto Dragon that caused even more chaos in our section of the hall. One chair that was landed on was bent so much by the impact that the leg had twisted in the opposite direction. Dragon then went ahead when he finally hit his Psycho Driver but Storm pulled off his sick-looking Double Jump reverse Hurricanarana. The match was tied at 30 minutes, and two minutes into sudden death extra time, after Storm kicked out of another Psycho Driver, Dragon got him with a pumphandle variation to win the bout. A fantastic main event that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. After the match, IMOM came out to beat on Storm, and was joined by Dragon in the beating. Robbie Brookside came out to ward off their attacks and expressed his disappointment at DragonÂ’s behaviour after gaining the respect of the audience with such a great match.