Press Release: The Official IPW:UK Launch (Information Inside)



Since the days of Big Daddy and the greats on ITV, British Wrestling has barely gotten its fair share of coverage. Despite such greats as Jonny Storm, Doug Williams and the recently retired Jody Fleish, along with many foreign imports being brought over for showcase matches, British Wrestling no longer rolls off the tip of people’s tongues like wrestling in Mexico and Japan does – until now.

In a project that has been in the workings since the middle of 2003, International Pro Wrestling UK (IPW:UK) is now a reality. Ready to assert itself and help popularise British Wrestling back to the level it was once at, the future looks promising for British Wrestling fans, as well as fans world wide, as IPW launches and sets its sights high in the wrestling domain.

With the fact that there are almost an identical amount of users in America who have broadband (in terms of % of the country) that now have cable television, IPW plans to captivate the internet market as well as the live audience, ensuring that fans around the world, be them in Asia to American, Germany to Georgia, have the ability to log onto their computer and be able to access parts or whole IPW shows for as little as the cost of lunch.

The venue, as well as many other exciting things about the debut of IPW in the United Kingdom (including the event title and information about the meet and greet ‘Fan Slam’ session where you can have your picture taken with the IPW stars and much more) will be announced over the coming months as we zoom in on the debut.

Numerous talents have been confirmed already for the debut event from both the United Kingdom (including some of the biggest names working today), and other countries, so make sure (also available at: is placed firmly into your bookmarks today to ensure you miss not a beat.

In the meanwhile, if you want to see some of the guys who could possibly be at the IPW:UK debut event, as well as meet the IPW:UK Owner Daniel Edler, you can do so at this April’s huge event, “ICW Hostile Intent” from Blackburn, England.

Along with a packed card including European favorite Chris Hero, CZW’s B-Boy, WWF Legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Jonny Storm and Germany’s high flying sensation X-Dream and more, Daniel Edler will be hosting the meet and greet “fanslam” event which takes place mere hours before the big event itself. Edler will be available for questions and comments about IPW, as well as ICW during the rest periods of the fanslam session. For more information on Hostile Intent, check out

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