RESULTS: IPW:UK SuperShow 7 (19/03/17)

RESULTS: IPW:UK SuperShow 7 (19/03/17)

Date: Sunday, 19th March 2017
Location: Casino Rooms Nightclub, Rochester, Kent
MC: Chris Hatch
Referees: 'Little' Tom Scarborough & Steve Lynsky 

Matches from "IPW:UK SuperShow 7 - Galloway vs. Rampage"

  • Main Card

  • 1 - Tag Team #1 Contenders Match: #CCK (Brookes/Lykos) defeat Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch via pinfall to become #1 contenders.

  • 2 - International Singles Match: Big Grizzly defeats 'The Product' David Starr via pinfall.

  • Post match, Chris Hatch asks Grizzly what's next now he's had his opportunity. The Welsh heavyweight says Jack Evans, April 17th, SuperShow 8!

  • 3 - Grudge Match: 'Blackbelt' Tom Dawkins defeats Timothy Thatcher via pinfall to extend his unbeaten streak against Havoc's Army members!

  • 4 - Featured Heavyweight Contest: Drew Galloway defeats UK Super 8 2015 winner Rampage Brown via pinfall in a fantastic first half main event!

  • Post match, Galloway explains he's been trying to get back to IPW for 2 and a half years but it's never worked out. 12 years since his last match for the promotion - but promises it wont be as long next time!

  • 5 - 10,000 Peso Cuban Challenge: Cuban Heat (w/ Big T & The Banker) defeats Maverick Mayhew via submission to keep the 10,000 Cuban Pesos once again!

  • 6 - IPW:UK Tag Team Title Match: DND (Duggan/Donnelly) (c) [3rd defence] defeat Kings Of The North (Bonesaw/Corvin) via pinfall to retain the titles.

  • 7 - International Singles Match: Grado defeats Mr. Anderson via pinfall in a match you have to see to believe!

  • 8 - IPW:UK All-England Title Tables Match: 'Smooth' Sammy Smooth (w/ Livvii Grace) defeats Scott Star (c) via table break to WIN the All-England Title!

  • During the match, Livvii Grace interfered to save Smooth, only for Chakara to come to ringside and even the numbers by removing Women's Champ Livvii from the building!

  • However, when Star looked like he could have it won, Adam 'Flex' Maxted appeared at ringside and turned the tide, helping Smooth with the victory as the new champion.

  • Next SuperShow: Easter Monday April 17th, live from Casino Rooms in Rochester once again!