RESULTS: Your E-Ticket Serves As Your PayPal Receipt (12/02/17)

RESULTS: Your E-Ticket Serves As Your PayPal Receipt (12/02/17)

Date: Sunday, 12th February 2017
Location: The Angel Centre, Tonbridge, Kent
MC: Vicky Haskins
Referee: Rob Darcy 

Matches from "IPW:UK Your Paypal Receipt Serves As Your E-Ticket"

  • Main Card

  • 1 - Fentos' Math Debate was interrupted by the returning 'Star Attraction' Mark Haskins, who defeated Fentos in his return!

  • 2 - Singles Grudge Match: 'Smooth' Sammy Smooth and 'Blackbelt' Tom Dawkins fought to a no contest after the match was abandoned.

  • Smooth tried to use his now trademark golf club on Dawkins, but Scott Star came from out of nowhere to make the save and stop Smooth using the weapon!

  • Giovanni Lombardo Jr calls out Mike 'The Strike' Broly... but not to face him... to face his BEST FRIEND Rocco Cassanova!

  • 3 - Italian Challenge Match: Mike 'The Strike' Broly defeats Rocco Cassanova via Knock Out.

  • 4 - International Challenge Match: Danny Duggan defeats Fabian Aichner via pinfall.

  • 5 - 10.000 Cuban Peso Challenge Match: Cuban Heat (w/ Marc Lloyd & Big T) defeats The Mexican Eagle via submission after interference from Banker & T.

  • 6 - Riots Rules Tag Team Rankings Match: The London Riots (Davis/Lynch) defeat The Monsters (eXodus/Snare, w/ Mr. Line) via pinfall on Snare after a RIOTOUS bout!

  • Before the main event begins, Tennessee Honey, or as she now wants to be called, Livvii Grace, made her way to the ring.

  • Not only did she rename herself, she denounced the "Cowgirl persona", as well as mocking IPW Women Of The Year 2016 winner Pollyanna for retiring at the end of the year.

  • 7 - International Singles Match: Timothy Thatcher, representing as a new member of Havoc's Army, defeated Cieran Donnelly via pinfall in a brutal and hard hitting main event.

  • After the bout, Thatcher's new teammates Sammy Smooth and Livvii Grace made their way to the ring to continue the assault on Donnelly, but Scott Star once again made the save, this time alongside Havoc Army nemesis Tom Dawkins!