Sunday July 9th - important info:

- Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our return to London's Clapham Grand, site of a fantastic debut event back in April.    In our planning for our return, we secured international stars on the basis of agreements with another company the day before.  With the cancellation of the tour by said company, one of our main international stars front and centre of the poster was unable to now make the journey with only one event to compete on.

- During the last 7 days, we have attempted to make replacements to the card, but realistically - we cannot put on a card to the strength that the venue, fans and pricing structure dictates we should.  Financially or logistically.

- As such we look to postpone the event to later in 2017.  In a bid to get the information turned around to the public as quick as possible, we don't have a fixed date, but it will be in the final third of the year (Sep-Dec).  

- REFUNDS: Obviously, anybody who has tickets to the event will now move to think about refunds.  There's a three tier system:

1). You may keep your tickets until we announce the new date, and if you can make that then GREAT, all tickets are valid.  Anybody who does this will also be given a £5 merchandise discount voucher as a thank you from IPW.  This is the default option, there's nothing you have to do to make this choice.

2). You may move your tickets to our SuperShow X event in Rochester on July 23rd.  Main event is a 30-person over the top rope rumble, and we also have bouts between Jimmy Havoc and former WWE star Carlito, as well as the debuting Keith Lee.   The ticketing prices for Rochester do not completely match with the Clapham show, so you will either get a slight upgrade on your ticket purchase, or a partial refund, depending on what ticket you've purchased for July 9th.  Anybody moving their ticket to July 23rd will also be given a £5 merchandise discount voucher as a thank you from IPW.

3). A complete refund.  Obviously with the event not taking place, complete refunds and will be given out to those who need them.  If you could let us know by email ( your transaction ID, we will begin processing refunds on Monday June 26th.  We require refund requests to be in with us by midnight on Sunday June 25th in order to begin processing them on the Monday.

We have already begun working on the new London date.  Billy Gunn is in the UK for Southside Wrestling in August, and The Briscoes compete for RoH on their UK tour, also in August.  Juventud Guerrera will still compete for us on July 2nd in Harlow.  All other announced wrestlers will compete on our re-scheduled London date, schedule pending.

We're happy to field any questions to the above email address, and will have the new London date for everybody as soon as it's confirmed.