• ECW Original and the Quintessential Studmuffin Joel Gertner is coming to IPW:UK... and he's looking to take home 10,000 Cuban Pesos with him, mang!

  • The match was set last time we were in Rochester after Grizzly defeated and then went to beat down on Angelico's tag partner, Jack Evans. But in London it got way more personal...

  • Full results on a night which featured the Swanley debut of "The King Of Bro's" Matt Riddle, taking on IPW:UK Tag Team Champion Danny Duggan! Plus, Gio's celebration, Scala vs. Fentos and much more!

  • A first time match up and a hell of a challenge for tag team champion Danny Duggan as he goes one-on-one against former UFC star turned wrestling beast Matt Riddle!

  • Jimmy Havoc, Sammy Smooth & Livvii Grace will team up to take on the debuting team of The Alpha Brothers & Barbie Rogue this Friday in Swanley!

  • Tommy Dreamer makes his IPW:UK debut as he takes it to the EXTREME up against Jimmy Havoc, with the World Title on the line! Plus, Matt Riddle vs. Pete Dunne for the first time ever, and so much more!

  • We regret also to announce that former WWE star X-Pac will no longer be appearing at the event. Anybody with X-Pac merchandise or photo packages may obtain an exchange or refund.

  • ECW legend Tommy Dreamer makes his IPW:UK debut this Sunday, as he goes straight into a MAIN EVENT match up against the IPW:UK World Champion, Jimmy HAVOC!

  • Jonathan Windsor and Sid Scala need the chance to settle their long running rivalry once and for all. This runs deep. Click the link and read their story.