• Sammy Smooth challenges for the World Title... or does he? Plus, what happened in the final EVER Sumerian Death Squad match on British soil, as they took on the international duo War Machine for the first time ever?

  • Nothing else really needs to be said to hype up this match. Something that both teams have been wanting to make happen. AN EXCLUSIVE - A ONCE IN A LIFETIME - A NEVER TO BE REPEATED! Tickets on sale NOW!

  • This December 18th we bring to you the hottest free agent on the market - the one and only Cody Rhodes! VIP tickets nearly sold out! Get yours now!

  • Full results from a night of action with 9 matches in total, including two Cuban Heat challenges, an over the top rumble, an All-England Title match and a Chris Hero international challenge!

  • The first ever Scrum Winners Scrum - with the winner going on to fight for the IPW:UK World Title in the main event! PLUS - Johnny Kidd's final wrestling match, as he and Doug Williams face Chris Hero & James Mason!

  • Our first ever Women's Super Scrum, Ashmore taking on Scott Star, The 1000 Cuban Peso Open Challenge and of course, Zack Gibson against the one and only James Mason! Check the results inside!

  • 'Mr. Smooth' Johnny Kidd takes on his final opponents this Sunday for IPW:UK in Tonbridge as he teams with Doug Williams up against Chris Hero and James Mason! Tickets on sale now!

  • We've had Scrums, Super Scrums, Tag Team Scrums and now we've got ourselves an all female Scrum this Saturday night, live in Selsdon, Surrey! Tickets on sale just £9.00 per person!

  • Johnny Kidd challenges for the All-England Title, whilst American tag team War Machine make their IPW:UK debuts up against Europe's #1 tag team, The London Riots!