Fight For Your Right 2018 Results

, The Casino Rooms, Blue Boar Lane, Rochester, ME1 1PD.

  1. Maverick Mayhew defeated Ashley Dunn and Kurtis Chapman in a triple-threat match to retain the Z-Force Championship.
  2. James Castle defeated Sammy Smooth in a grudge match.
  3. Xia Brookside defeated Zoe Lucas to retain the Women's Championship.
  4. Kip Sabian defeated "The Hurricane" Shane Helms. After the match Sabian continued to beat down on Helms, until Jeff Jarrett came down to make the save!
  5. Doug Williams defeated Chris Ridgeway.
  6. Jack Sexsmith defeated Rob Sharpe after a low-blow whilst the referee was distracted!
  7. The Iron Lions (Andy Boy Simmonz & James Tighe) defeated Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch
  8. During the World Championship match between Mark Haskins and Rob Lynch, Kip Sabian cashed in his Battle Royale winner's briefcase to make it a triple-threat match, and WON the IPW World Championship!