IPW in MK - Brutalism 2018 Results

, Unit Nine, Bridgeturn Road, Milton Keynes.

  1. Kip Sabian defeated Ashley Dunn to retain the Z-Force Championship.
  2. Iestyn Rees defeated Hustle Malone.
  3. The Filthy Club (Rob Sharpe & Jack Sexsmith), Cara Noir and Sid Scala defeated The Collective (Smooth/Castle/Howley) and Chief Deputy Dunne.
  4. Chris Ridgeway defeated Zack Sabre Jr.
  5. Maverick Mayhew defeated Connor Mills, TK Cooper and Amir Jordan in a four-way contest to become number one contender to the Z-Force Championship.
  6. Jonny Storm claimed he never signed the contract to face an angry Jay Garner, and brought out Andreas Corr to face him instead. Andreas Corr defeated Jay Garner after interference from Storm.
  7. Mark Haskins defeated Sha Samuels to retain the All-England Championship.