IPW Undisputed Results

, Casino Rooms Nightclub, Blue Boar Lane, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1PD.

  1. Cara Noir defeated Kip Sabian to become the NEW Z-Force Champion!
  2. Dave Mastiff defeated Big Grizzly
  3. Adam Maxted defeated the returning Scott Star to retain the All England Championship
  4. Mark Haskins defeated Luke Phoenix to become NEW IPW World Champion!
  5. Jimmy Havoc defeated Abyss in a Monster’s Ball Match!
  6. Xia Brookside defeated Livvii Grace to become the NEW Women’s Champion!
  7. Sid Scala, Jimmy Havoc and Cara Noir defeated The Collective (Smooth/Castle/Holley), after Sid’s original partners The Filthy Club we’re served a restraining order by The Anti-Fun Police
  8. Austin Aries defeated Mark Haskins to become the NEW IPW World Champion!