IPW:UK 3rd Anniversary Weekender Night 1 Results

, Orpington Halls, Orpington, Kent.

  1. Six-Man Tag Team Scramble Match: The Specialists (Sloan, Fitzgerald & Reed) defeated The Leaders (Robinson, Scurll & Brixton) via pinfall on Robinson in 6:18.
  2. International Challenge Match: James Tighe defeated Blackjack Phoenix via pinfall in 7:28.
  3. Grudge Match: Andy Boy Simmonz defeated Blok Busta via Ankle Lock submission in 1 minute 15.
  4. IPW:UK Tag Team Title Match: The Kartel (Samuels/Frazier) defeated Swiss Money Holding (Ares/Roudin) (c) via disqualification after Ares hit Frazier with the breifcase in 14:59, setting up a Titles Change Hands On A Countout/Disqualification Tag Title
  5. Team Charming (aka The Untouchables - Jack Storm/Dave Moralez - w/ 'Charming' Don Charles) defeated Stixx & Stone (w/ Dean Ayass) via pinfall on Stone in 12:45 after Stixx & Ayass turned their backs on Stone and left him for dead.
  6. IPW:UK Title Match: Billi Lightning defeated JC Thunder (c) via disqualification in 11:38 after Thunder attacked Lightning with a Steel Chair, knocking the former Big Brother 8 star out cold.
  7. Tables, Ladders & Chairs All-England Title Match: Sam Slam (c) defeated 'The Bad Boy of British Wrestling' Jon Ryan to retain the All-England title after 21:20