iPW:UK 4th Anniversary Tour - Bromley Results

, The Great Hall, Bromley Civic Centre, Bromley, Kent.

  1. Singles Match: \"The Bad Boy of British Wrestling\" Jon Ryan defeated Tony \"Superstar\" Sefton via pinfall in 6.21.
  2. Tag Team Match: The Iron Lions (Simmonz/Tighe) defeated The Leaders of the New School (Scurll/Sabre) via pinfall in 14.49 after a Doomsday Device
  3. Six-Man Tag: The Firm (Kincaide, Samuels, Frazier) defeated The Thrillers (Hype, Redman, Haskins) via pinfall after a spear from Kincaide in 14.43
  4. British National Championship 3rd Round: \"The Vigilante\" Johnny Moss defeated \"The Anarchist\" Doug Williams via cradle pinfall in 17.10
  5. Grudge Match: \"Sadistic\" Jack Storm defeated JC Thunder via referee stoppage in 7.26.
  6. IPW:UK Title Match; All Thrillers Allowed At Ringside: \"Irresistible\" Iestyn Rees (c) defeated \"The Guvnor\" Martin Stone via pinfall in 23.21 to become the 7th IPW:UK Champion!