IPW:UK 5th Anniversary Show Results

, The Wyvern Hall, Sittingbourne.

  1. Tag Team Match: The All Stars (Whiplash/Dynamite) defeated The Kartel (Frazier/Samuels) by pinfall, after some mis-communication between Frazier & Samuels.
  2. No Disqualification Match: Spud defeated Nick \'Oblivion\' Aldis via pinfall after a Top Rope Sunset Powerbomb in 9:31.
  3. During the night IPW:UK fans had the chance to hear from some of the stars of IPW who were unable to compete. Dave Moralez injured his ankle and knee last week and is out for 2-3 months. Dave says he will recover as fast as possible and come back in 2010
  4. The Anniversary Gauntlet Match: Martin Stone defeats Lionheart, James Mason & Jon Ryan to win the Gauntlet match in a total time of 30:15.
  5. Cruiserweight Rankings Match: \'Wonderkid\' Jonny Storm defeated The British Eagle via pinfall after the Wonderwhirl.
  6. IPW:UK Title & All England Title Unification Match: Leroy Kincaide [All England Champion; 1st defence] defeated \'The Showstealer\' Alex Shane [IPW:UK Champion; 1st defence] via pinfall after 2 Spears in 19:38 to unify two major British singles titles
  7. Main Event - Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the Undisputed British Tag Titles: The Leaders (Scurll/Sabre) (c) [4th defence] defeated The Thrillers (Haskins/Redman, w/ Gilligan Gordon) after retreiving the tag belts from above the ring!