IPW:UK Battle Two Results

, Orpington Halls, Orpington, Kent.

  1. 'The Human Hate Machine' Dave Moralez defeated 'The Man That Gravity Forgot' Pac via pinfall in 11:10.
  2. IPW:UK vs. The FWA: 'Mr. IPW' Ashley Reed versus 'The Messiah' Brandon Thomas (w/ Greg 'The Truth' Lambert) went to a no contest when it was seen that Reed had already been attacked before the match - Martin Stone made the save.
  3. Orpington Street Fight: Maximum Head defeated The Kartel via pinfall after the Maximum Impact through a table in 17:12.
  4. IPW:UK Title Match (Tag Team Rules - If Andy Boy Simmonz Is Pinned, He Loses The Title): Andy Boy Simmonz (c) & LT Summers over JC Thunder & Blok Busta via pinfall after a title belt shot on Thunder in 16:44.
  5. 'Sadistic' Jack Storm over Paul Robinson after a powerbomb into a backbreaker in 11:41.
  6. IPW:UK Tag Title Match: Swiss Money Holding (Ares/Marc Roudin) (c) over The Dragon Hearts (Spud/Dragon Phoenix) via submission on Phoenix from a Half Boston Crab in 17:51 to retain the titles.
  7. IPW:UK vs. The FWA: Martin Stone defeated The FWA's James Tighe (w/ Greg 'The Truth' Lambert) via rollup after countering Tighe's figure-four.