IPW:UK Biggest. Show. Ever! 2016 Results

, Electric Brixton, London.

  1. Main Card
  2. IPW:UK Tag Team Title Match: The Swords of Essex (Robinson/Wainwright w/ Amazon) defeat DND (Duggan/Donnelly) (c) to become the NEW tag team champions!
  3. IPW:UK Women's Title Submission Match: Tennessee Honey (c) [2nd defence] defeats Jetta via submission to retain her title!
  4. Bonus Tag Team Match: The London Riots (Davis/Lynch) defeat The Ruckers (Wade/Andreas) by pinfall.
  5. International Singles Match: Ethan Carter III defeats
  6. Six Man Tag Team Match: The GZRS (Tom/Sebastian) & Sid Scala defeat The 55 (Samuels/Fite) & Lionheart in an utterly ridiculous match you have to see to believe!
  7. Former WWE star Jesus 'Ricardo' Rodriguez made his way to the stage to introduce the one and only, CUBAN HEAT!
  8. Cuban Heat's 10,000 Cuban Peso 10-Minute Challenge was answered by RJ Singh, but Heat defeated Singh in 9 minutes and 9 seconds to extend his winning streak to 8 matches.
  9. After the match, Cuban Heat said he hadn't been challenged enough and needed ANOTHER challenger... this brought out 'Darewolf' PJ Black!
  10. However, once Black was in the ring, suddenly Cuban Heat was injured from his previous match... and Black was jumped by JESUS RODRIGUEZ!
  11. International Singles Match: 'Darewolf' PJ Black defeats Jesus Rodriguez via pinfall after the Springboard 430 Splash!
  12. IPW:UK World Title Match: Joseph Conners (interim (c)) w/ Jimmy Havoc & Artemis went to a no contest with challenger 'Smooth' Sammy Smooth.
  13. During the bout, Love Island's Adam 'Flex' Maxted woo'd Artemis away from Havoc with his good looks - with Artemis jumping into his arms and disappearing backstage!
  14. The London Riots were the ringside enforcers to stop interference, but Havoc hired the Swords of Essex to come down and take out the Riots, leaving the playing field very uneven!
  15. This left Jimmy Havoc to have to do his own dirty work, punching referee Tom Scarborough and trying to attack Smooth 2-on-1.
  16. Owner/Promoter Daniel Edler came to the ring and took the title away from Havoc, HIT HIM with the World Title belt.
  17. In the meelee, Sammy Smooth rolled up Joseph Conners, and Edler counted the pinfall... but with everything that had occurred previous, the bout had been ruled a no-contest.
  18. Edler had not listed himself as a licensed official for the evening, and once again Havoc managed to retain his title through the skin of his teeth.
  19. On September 4th it will be TEAM HAVOC vs. TEAM SMOOTH in an 8-man NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!