IPW:UK Brawl at the Hall 2006 Results

, Orpington Halls, Orpington, Kent.

  1. The Untouchables (Dave Moralez & Jack Storm) defeated Chris Whitton & Kid Richie
  2. L.T. Summers defeated Tommy DeMorey
  3. Sam Slam defeated Darkside & Paul Robinson in a three-way British Under 23 match
  4. Team FWA (Iceman, Jonny Storm & Jorge Castano) defeated Team IPW:UK (Dragon Phoenix, Leroy Kincaid & Spud) in a six-man elimination tag match
  5. Martin Stone defeated Scottie Rock via count-out
  6. Aviv Maayan defeated Blok Busta (w/ J.C. Thunder)
  7. Tony Sefton defeated Ashley Reed in a Last Man Standing match