IPW:UK Brawl @ The Hall 2008 Results

, The Great Hall, Civic Centre, Bromley.

  1. Tag Team Rankings Match: The Leaders of the New School (Scurll/Sabre) defeated Maximum Head (Head/Voltage) when Sabre made Voltage submit to a cross-armbreaker.
  2. Singles Rankings Match: Andy Boy Simmonz defeated \'The Bad Boy of British Wrestling\' Jon Ryan via pinfall after a T-Bone suplex.
  3. Jack Storm\'s Open Challenge: \'Sadistic\' Jack Storm defeated Jules Lambrini in quick order via referee stoppage.
  4. Jack Storm\'s Open Challenge #2: \'The Human Hate Machine\' Dave Moralez defeated \'Sadistic\' Jack Storm via countout of the ring.
  5. Stars Of The IPW:UK Training School Collide: \'Dazzling\' Darrell Allen (w/ coach RJ Singh) defeated Ciaran Morrison (w/ coach Andy Boy Simmonz) via roll-up after interference from RJ Singh!
  6. Women\'s Bout: Kelly Adams defeated Becky James via roll-up and a handful of tights.
  7. Main Event - Brawl @ The Hall Match: Martin Stone was the last man standing in an eight man tag team elimination match (w/ Terry Frazier, Sha Samuels & Leroy Kincaide, vs. The Thrillers\' Iestyn Rees, Mark Haskins, Ricky Hype & Joel Redman)!