IPW:UK British National Finale Results

, The Great Hall, Civic Centre, Bromley.

  1. British National Championship Semi-Final Match: Terry Frazier defeated Zack Sabre Jr via pinfall after the Rock Bottom, to advance to the tournament final!
  2. British National Championship Semi-Final & All-England Title Match: \'Vigilante\' Johnny Moss (c) defeated Dan Head via submission with the Torture Device, to advance to the tournament final!
  3. Grudge Singles Match: \'The Human Hate Machine\' Dave Moralez defeated \'The Bad Boy of British Wrestling\' Jon Ryan via pinfall after a hard lariat.
  4. Six Man Tag Team Match: The Thrillers (Rees, Haskins & Hype w/ \'Gentleman\' Gilligan Gordon) defeated Andy Boy Simmonz, Ciaran Morrison and Sha Samuels after Haskins pinned Morrison.
  5. British National Championship Tournament Final And All-England Championship Match: Terry Frazier defeated \'Vigilante\' Johnny Moss (c) via pinfall after a running Rock Bottom, to win the All-England title and become the 2007-2008 British National Cha
  6. Main Event - \'The Showstealer Returns\' Grudge Match: \'The Guvnor\' Martin Stone defeated \'The Showstealer\' Alex Shane via submission from a rear naked choke after 25+ minutes of back and forth action!