IPW:UK Buckland Return Results

, Buckland Community Centre, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

  1. Jake McClusky defeated Mark Haskins after a Sliced Bread #2 in 6:44.
  2. Maximum Head defeated Ricky Hype & Matt Vaughn after a double-team, top-rope Blockbuster in 17:18.
  3. 'The Guv'nor' Martin Stone defeated 'The Bad Boy of British Wrestling' Jon Ryan with the London Bridge after 10:40.
  4. Triple Threat Match: Joel Redman defeated Blok Busta and Kris Linnell after a pin-fall on Blok Busta in 14:03
  5. James Tighe defeated Makoto Hashi (NOAH) after the Tighe-Tanic in an excellent contest after 15:41.
  6. IPW:UK Title Match: J.C. Thunder retained his title against L.T. Summers via pin-fall after a roll-up in Summers' first-ever professional wrestling defeat in 17:43.