IPW:UK Christmas Cracker 2014 Results

, The White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley, Kent.

  1. Singles Rankings Match: 'Smooth' Sammy Smooth defeated Pastor William Eavor via pinfall
  2. Tag Team Grudge Match: The Alpha Males (Rees/Garrett) defeated D&D (Duggan/Donnelly) via pinfall on Duggan.
  3. Pick A Partner Tag Team Match: Paul Robinson & Brian Myers defeated Will Ospreay & Tom Dawkins via pinfall, rollup with the ropes, Robinson on Ospreay.
  4. The Mexican Eagle's Christmas Battle Royal: Won by The Mexican Eagle, lastly eliminating eXodus, after Jonathan Windsor
  5. IPW:UK World Title Match: 'The German Psycho' Bad Bones (c) [first defence] defeated 'One Man Nation' Uhaa Nation via pinfall to retain the title.
  6. International Tag Team Match: The London Riots (Davis/Lynch) defeated The Wolves (Richards/Edwards) via pinfall, after the use of the title belts behind the referees back!