IPW:UK Extreme Measures 2009 Results

, The White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley.

  1. Pre-Show Match: \'Mr. IPW\' Ashley Reed returned to the ring and convincingly defeated Adam D\'Souza via pinfall after a Running Corner Spike.
  2. Extreme Measures 1st Round Match - Non Title: Cruiserweight Champion \'The Star Attraction\' Mark Haskins defeated All-England Champion Terry Frazier by submission to a Figure 4 leglock to advance to the main event, after interference from Ashley Reed
  3. IPW:UK Title Match: \'Irresistible\' Iestyn Rees (w/ Joel Redman & Ricky Hype of The Thrillers) defeated Adam D\'Souza after a Powerbomb to retain the IPW:UK Title.
  4. Extreme Measures 1st Round Match: \'Big\' Dave Moralez defeated \'Vigilante\' Johnny Moss via pinfall after a Lariat to advance to the main event.
  5. Extreme Measures 1st Round Match: Leroy Kincaide defeated \'The Bad Boy of British Wrestling\' Jon Ryan via pinfall after a Spear to advance to the main event.
  6. Extreme Measures 1st Round Match: \'The Showstealer\' Alex Shane made a suprise return to the ring and defeated Marty Scurll via disqualification after The Thrillers jumped Alex Shane with weapons. Shane was then taken away to hospital, and it was an
  7. Singles Match: Nick \'Oblivion\' Aldis defeated Spud via pinfall.
  8. British Tag Title Match: The Thrillers (Hype/Redman) (c) defeated The Kartel (Samuels/Frazier) via submission on Terry Frazier\'s injured knee, after Frazier refused to tag out and continued the match injured.
  9. Main Event - Extreme Measures Four Way #1 Contendership Match: Mark Haskins eliminated Dave Moralez & Leroy Kincaide, but as he was celebrating his victory, the injured Alex Shane re-emerged and defeated Mark Haskins by Big Booting him for an over-the
  10. Alex Shane captured the #1 contendership to the IPW:UK Title - to face Iestyn Rees at Iron Fist!