IPW:UK Future #16 Results

, Snodland Community Centre, Snodland, Kent.

  1. Main Card
  2. Scrum Match: Snare defeats The Ruckers, Brandon Croft, Maverick Mayhew, Ethan Silver, Cuban Heat & Briggs via pinfall, capitalising on a Maverick 450 Splash!
  3. IPW:UK Women's Title Match: Tennessee Honey (c) [2nd defence] defeats Bea Priestly via disqualification to retain the title.
  4. Relaxed Rules Match: Jonathan Windsor defeats James Davis via pinfall
  5. The MasterLock Challenge: 'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters wins the MasterLock challenge on both members of ACID (Alpha/Clover) in 1 second!
  6. Singles Return Match: 'The Bollywood Dream' RJ Singh defeats Garry Mitchell via pinfall!
  7. Six Man Tag Team Match: Pete Dunne, Damien Dunne & Chris Brookes upset Danny Duggan, Cieran Donnelly & Sammy Smooth via pinfall on Donnelly after use of DND's tag team belt behind the referees back!
  8. The Future Rumble was won by Maverick Mayhew, lastly eliminating both of The Ruckers, Jordan Wade & Nick Andreas!
  9. IPW:UK return to Snodland on Saturday August 20th - just signed, DND versus The Dunne Brothers, with the tag team titles on the line!