IPW:UK Future #3 Results

, The White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley.

  1. Singles Match: Paul Robinson defeated Phil Otunga via pinfall.
  2. Singles Match: Terry Frazier defeated James Dahmer via pinfall.
  3. Singles Match: Sha Samuels defeated Fred Phillips via pinfall in his professional debut.
  4. Singles Match: Jimmy Havoc defeated Darrell Allen (of the Bhangra Knights) via pinfall.
  5. Grudge Match: \'The Guvnor\' Martin Stone defeated \'Australia\'s Greatest Athlete\' Steve Morley via pinfall after a DDT!
  6. Gimmick Rumble: Paul Robinson defeated 14 other video game characters, including Link, Wayne Rooney, Donkey Kong and many more, to win the rumble!