IPW:UK Hardcore Lottery 2015 Results

, The Tap 'n' Tin, Chatham, Kent.

  1. Hardcore Lottery Opening Round; Submissions Count Anywhere: Zack Sabre Jr defeats James Davis with an Armbar ON THE BAR to advance to the main event.
  2. Hardcore Lottery Opening Round; Duelling Chairs Match: Jon Ryan defeats Snare via pinfall after a VICIOUS chair shot to advance to the main event.
  3. Singles Match: Scott Star defeats Jack Clover via pinfall
  4. Hardcore Lottery Opening Round; No F'N Rules Match: Jimmy Havoc defeats Clint Margera in a bloody fight to advance to the main event!
  5. Grudge Match: Mike 'The Strike' Broly defeats Alpha Dreams via pinfall.
  6. Tag Team Match: The GZRs (Sebastian/Tom) defeat The SLZRs (Joey/Jack) via pinfall.
  7. Hardcore Lottery; The Final; Anything Goes: 'The Bad Boy of British Wrestling' defeats Jimmy Havoc & Zack Sabre Jr to WIN the 2015 Hardcore Lottery!
  8. The finishing move in this match has to be seen to be believed... coming soon to IPW:UK onDemand!