IPW:UK Last Man Standing 2014 Results

, The Angel Centre, Tonbridge, Kent.

  1. VIP Pre-Show
  2. Singles Match: 'The Physical Specimen' Joel Redman defeted The Omega via pinfall.
  3. International Singles Match: 'The Aerial Assassin' Will Ospreay defeated 'All Night Long' Rich Swann via pinfall.
  4. Main Card
  5. International Challenge Match: Paul Robinson defeated 'All Night Long' Rich Swann, to prove a point to Will Ospreay.
  6. Singles Match: 'Earl' Jonathan Windsor defeated Sha Samuels via pinfall.
  7. International Tag Team Match: The Sumerian Death Squad (Dante/End) defeated The Dangerous B**tards (Garnell/Mastiff) via pinfall.
  8. Tag Team Match: The Alpha Males (Rees/Garrett) defeated The Dropkickers (Feenan/Hendry) via pinfall.
  9. International Singles Match: 'Suicidal' Jimmy Havoc defeated former WWE star Paul London via pinfall!
  10. IPW:UK World Title Match: 'The Guvnor' Martin Stone defeated 'The German Psycho' Bad Bones (c) via pinfall to WIN the World Title!