IPW:UK Live In Petersfield 2008 Results

, Taro Centre, Petersfield, Hampshire.

  1. 'The Model' Aviv Maayan defeated 'The Irish Giant' Eamon O'Neill via pinfall after interference from Mark Haskins in 10:51.
  2. James Tighe (of the Iron Lions) defeated 'The Supreme Being' Joel Redman (of The Thrillers) via pinfall in 13.04 with the Tighe-Tanic.
  3. eXodus defeated Max Voltage in 12:26 via pinfall with the F6.
  4. 'The Idol' Ian Logan defeated 'Jamaica's #1 Bobsledder' Derice Coffee in 8:35 via pinfall with a sitout-spinebuster.
  5. Tag Team Contest: Andy Boy Simmonz & Eamon O'Neill defeated 'The Model' Aviv Maayan and 'The Star Attraction' Mark Haskins via pinfall after a Doomsday Device on Haskins in 15:49!