IPW:UK New Talent Showcase 2017 Results

, The White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley, Kent.

  1. Main Card
  2. The Scrum: Sid Scala defeated Psycho Phillips, Big Keef, Fr3akshow, Brandon Croft, Amir Jordan & Spike Trivet to win the bout!
  3. Singles Showcase: 'Smooth' Sammy Smooth defeats Toby Clements via pinfall.
  4. Singles Showcase: Mike 'The Strike' Broly defeats 'Fantastic' David Francisco via Knock Out.
  5. IPW:UK Tag Team Title Match: DND (Duggan/Donnelly) (c) [1st defence] defeat The Crew (Jack Hammer & Sledge Hammer) via pinfall to retain the titles.
  6. International Singles Match: 'The Banker' Marc Lloyd defeats Dick Justice after interference from Cuban Heat!
  7. Triple Threat Match: Jonathan Windsor defeated Danny Jones & Dan Conroy via pinfall.
  8. After the match, Windsor was set to attack both men but Sid Scala made the save and attacked Windsor, saving Conroy and Jones in the process!
  9. Women's Gauntlet Match was ruled a draw, with Chakara and Nightshade submitting and pinning one another symultaneously. Chakara had previously eliminated Mischa East, who herself defeated Candyfloss in the opening leg.
  10. As a result of the double fall, BOTH women will get a shot at Amazon's title on Feb 19th in Harlow in a triple threat match!
  11. All-England Title Match: Scott Star (c) [4th defence] defeats newcomer Ricky Suarve via pinfall to retain the title.
  12. The Main Event Future Rumble was won by Dick Justice, who lastly eliminated Cuban Heat & Marc Lloyd to get comeuppance on the pair for their cheating earlier in the evening!