IPW:UK No Escape 2007 Results

, Orpington Halls, Orpington, Kent.

  1. IPW:UK Title Match: Andy Boy Simmonz (c) over Tommy DeMorey in 2:19 via Ankle submission.
  2. IPW:UK vs. The FWA: Martin Stone (IPW:UK) over Jorge Castano (The FWA) via pinfall after The London Bridge in 8:36.
  3. British National Under 23's Title Match: Sam Slam (c) over Marty Scurll via Face Pound submission in 8:19.
  4. IPW:UK vs. The FWA: Spud (IPW:UK) over 'The Wonderkid' Jonny Storm (The FWA) via inside cradle pinfall in 12:18.
  5. Grudge Match: Aviv Maayan (w/ Andy Boy Simmonz & LT Summers) over JC Thunder (w/ Blok Busta) via pinfall after a title belt shot behind the referee's back in 10:15.
  6. All England Title Match: Iceman over Leroy Kincaide (c) via pinfall in 9:34 to win the All-England Title.
  7. Six Man Tag: Paul Robinson, Pac & Battalion over The Untouchables and Darkside via pinfall on Darkside after a Shooting Star Press in 22:24.