IPW:UK Opportunity Knocks 2015 Results

, Snodland Community Centre, Snodland, Kent.

  1. Singles Match: Joey Lakeside defeated Scott Star via pinfall in his IPW:UK debut.
  2. James Davis Open Invitational Gauntlet: Won by 'Smooth' Sammy Smooth, lastly defeating James Davis via pinfall, after Davis had pinned Luke Feenan, Brandon Croft and Jona Divine.
  3. Singles Grudge Match: Danny Duggan (of DND) defeated The Omega via pinfall - a match 4 months in the making, to avenge his partner Cieran Donnelly!
  4. Singles Re-Match: The Mexican Eagle AGAIN defeated 'The East End Butcher' Sha Samuels, who is now 0-4 against Eagle & Windsor!!!
  5. Tag Team Rankings Match: 2Unlimited (Jay/Patrick) defeated The Monsters (Snare/eXodus) via pinfall.
  6. International Singles Match: Rob Lynch (of The London Riots) defeated Rocky Romero via pinfall with A LOT OF HELP from referee Artemis!
  7. After the bout Rocky Romero got his own back - giving away one of Lynch's title belts, and then hitting a Stunner on the tag champ!