IPW:UK R-A-S-S-L-I-N Results

, The Tap 'n' Tin (18+), Sittingbourne.

  1. The Leaders Open Invitational #1: \'The Wonderkid\' Jonny Storm continued his recent winning ways by defeating Marty Scurll via pinfall.
  2. Singles Match: T-Bone (of the Trailer Park Boys) defeated Kurrupt (of the Murkers) via pinfall.
  3. British Cruiserweight Title Match: \'The Star Attraction\' Mark Haskins (c) [3rd defence] defeated \'Black Jesus\' Sabian via pinfall.
  4. International Singles Match: Jimmy Jacobs defeated \'The Guvnor\' Martin Stone in 12:15 via pinfall after outside interference.
  5. The Leaders Open Invitational #2: Zack Sabre Jr defeated the debuting Lightning Kid via pinfall.
  6. Main Event - Thumbtack Kickpads & Bundles Of Lighttubes Match: \'The Bad Boy of British Wrestling\' Jon Ryan defeated \'Suicidal, Suicidal, Suicidal\' Jimmy Havoc via pinfall after a powerbomb, off of the middle rope, through a ironing board covered i