IPW:UK Royale Rewards 2016 Results

, The Angel Centre, Tonbridge, Kent.

  1. Main Card
  2. Singles Match: Rob Lynch (of the London Riots) defeats Kid Fite (of The 55) via pinfall.
  3. Grudge Match:
  4. Sammy Smooth came out for his World Title Match against Joe Conners but Jimmy Havoc appeared and said as HE wasn’t eliminated from the Battle Royale, then Smooth would NOT receive a title! He then instructed The Ruckers to attack Smooth, but DND made the
  5. IPW:UK Tag Team Title, No Disqualification Match: DND (Duggan/Donnelly) (c) [13th defence] defeat The Ruckers (Andreas/Wade) via pinfall.
  6. Following the match, DND were attacked by The Swords of Essex (Robinson & Wainwright) & 'Amazon' Ayesha Ray and challenged the champs to a match at Brixton on August 21st!
  7. Grudge Match: Maverick Mayhew PINNED Paul Robinson (w/ Wainwright & Amazon) after a distraction from DND - who were there to ACCEPT the challenge for August 21st!
  8. After being setup for an attack earlier in the night, Smooth came out and announced that he would be casing in his any match any where contract (for WINNING The Battle Royale) at the Brixton show on August 21st!
  9. IPW:UK Women’s Title Match: Tennessee Honey (c) [1st defence] retained her title against
  10. International Tag Team Match: The Sumerian Death Squad (Tommy End & Michael Dante) def. War Machine (Ray Rowe & Hanson) via pinfall in the final EVER Sumerian Death Squad tag team match in England!