IPW:UK Sittingbourne Spectacular 2009 Results

, The Wyvern Hall, Sittingbourne.

  1. Pre-Show; International Singles Match: \'The Physical Specimen\' Joel Redman (of The Thrillers) defeated John Walters via pinfall.
  2. International Singles Match: \'The Star Attraction\' Mark Haskins (of The Thrillers) defeated Matt Cross via pinfall.
  3. Singles Match: \'The Bollywood Dream\' RJ Singh (w/ The Director & Darrell Allen) defeated Sha Samuels via pinfall.
  4. The Epic Encounter: \'The Best In The World\' Bryan Danielson defeated \'The Man That Gravity Forgot\' Pac via pinfall.
  5. Contenders Tournament Semi-Final: Leroy Kincaide defeated Dave Moralez via pinfall to advance!
  6. Unified British Tag Title Match: The Leaders (Scurll/Sabre) defeated The Thrillers (Redman/Haskins) (c) [4 defences] via pinfall to become the NEW tag team champions!
  7. Contenders Tournament Semi-Final: Terry Frazier defeated \'The Guvnor\' Martin Stone via pinfall to advance!