IPW:UK Sittingbourne Spectacular 2011 Results

, The Wyvern Halls, Sittingbourne.

  1. International Challenge Match: Terry Frazier def. Bobby Fish
  2. Danny Garnell's 'Wrestling' Challenge: Danny Garnell defeated James Mason after throwing powder in Masons eyes
  3. International Dream Match: Kotaro Suzuki defeated Marty Scurll
  4. Cruiserweight Dream Match: 'The Star Attraction' Mark Haskins beat 'The Juice' Juventud Gurrera
  5. NOAH Rematch: Atsushi Aoki defeated Joel Redman in 14.59 seconds of a 15 minute time limit bout via submission
  6. Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Sha Samuels defeated Takeshi Morishima & Dave Mastiff (c) in a triple threat match following help from Rockstar Spud to become the NEW Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion!