, Snodland Community Centre, Snodland, Kent.

  1. Singles Challenge Match: 'Earl' Jonathan Windsor defeated El Loco Gringo via pinfall.
  2. Singles Match: Danny Boy Collins defeated Scott Star via pinfall.
  3. Tag Team Rankings Match: D&D (Duggan/Donnelly) upset Project Ego (Kirby/Travis) with a pinfall victory.
  4. Inter-Gender Tag Team Match: Jimmy Havoc & Rhia O'Reilly defeated General Paul Synnot & Captain Heidi Katrina via pinfall, O'Reilly on Katrina.
  5. IPW:UK World Title Match: Bad Bones (c) [4th defence] retained against Robert Rose via pinfall.
  6. British National Finale & All-England Title 2/3 Falls Match: 'Dazzlin' Darrell Allen (c) [1st defence] defeated Rampage Brown 2-falls-to-1 to win the BNC and retain his All-England Title in a fantastic main event.