IPW:UK Snodmania 2017 Results

, Snodland Community Centre, Snodland, Kent.

  1. Main Card
  2. Main Event Qualifier: "Liverpool's #01" Zack Gibson defeats WWE UK's Tucker to advance.
  3. Main Event Qualifier: "Savvy" Sid Scala defeats the debuting Kelly Sixx to advance.
  4. Women's Rankings Match: Chakara defeats the debuting Bobbi Tyler via pinfall.
  5. International Tag Team Match: Kotaro Suzuki & Scott Star defeat The London Riots (Davis/Lynch) via pinfall.
  6. Main Event Qualifier: "The Wild Boar" Mike Hitchman defeats "The Original Badman" Beano to advance.
  7. Main Event Qualifier: "Smooth" Sammy Smooth (w/ Livvii Grace) defeats Danny Duggan to advance (after interference from Cieran Donnelly).
  8. Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: "Savvy" Sid Scala is the final wrestler standing, lastly eliminating Zack Gibson, to be crowned the King of Snodland!
  9. Sammy Smooth was eliminated after 3 seconds by Sid Scala, owing to a distraction from Danny Duggan. Zack Gibson eliminated Wild Boar to take it to a 1-on-1 contest.